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Making Transnational Education Successful (TNE) – Due Diligence & Risk Management
8 September 2023 at 10.00am

Transnational Education (TNE) has been embraced by UK Universities for a long time and approximately 80% of the sector reported students studying through TNE in 2020/21, more than ever before. During that period, just over half a million of students were studying on UK TNE programmes.
The UK TNE is very varied and UK HE providers are involved in a variety of different TNE models across different markets and levels of study. This includes online education, partnerships with local providers and overseas campuses, which is the most ambitious TNE model. These days there are over 300 overseas campuses created by universities across the world, with the UK universities being involved in over 50 of them. The last two years of the global pandemic attracted a new wave of interest in TNE, which is seen by many providers as an extension of their in-country provision. For others it is an opportunity to maintain a visible presence across the world without the need to travel.
While there are many benefits of TNE to different stakeholders, international endeavours can be risky. This webinar is going to look at best practice of due diligence in relation to new and current partnerships, as well as risk management. We will hear from legal, compliance and risk specialists, as well as representatives of universities that are leading on TNE developments in the UK.

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