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Managing TNE Partnerships

Frameworks for the monitoring and oversight of Transnational Education provision are an integral part of Universities’ risk management and quality assurance, and the oversight of TNE is subject to increasing layers of external scrutiny. Few HE providers would disagree with the OfS statement that “students studying as part of a TNE arrangement are entitled to the same minimum level of quality and the same rigorous standards as students in the UK”, but is it possible to apply the same QA monitoring tools across a diverse set of TNE arrangements? And what can we learn from an enhancement-led approach to the evaluation of TNE? In this seminar we will look at what the future may hold for the regulation of TNE and consider what we can learn from recent case studies across different regions of the UK.

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13 May 2022 at 10.00am

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Introduction to Collaborative Provision 10 June 2022

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