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Governance & Management of Partnerships

10am -1pm

15 October 2021

This session will provide two case studies of academic partnership development at different universities and outline how these developments are handled through different governance and management structures. The presenters will highlight the key decision-making structures and people, and detail how the partnership progressed through their University processes, what the challenges were and lessons learned.

There will also be a presentation from a PVC outlining their experience of governance, decision making and management structures relating to academic partnerships, across several institutions to provide a senior, strategic view from a policy making perspective.

Risk & Due Diligence

10am -1pm

19 November 2021

Assessing risk in partnerships and new partners is always critical for universities and the cost of making mistakes can be high. In the current environment the risks may be higher and some processes more challenging. Universities are therefore developing risk-based frameworks to work within, directing resources to areas where there is most perceived risk. This CVU webinar will identify important factors that must be considered whilst identifying and managing the risks involved in working with both potential and existing collaborative partners, consider good practice in due diligence and risk management and will consider approaches to mitigate the current constrictions.

Divorce & Separation

10am -1pm

3 December     2021

Event description to come