Degree Apprenticeships – The Story So Far

Degree apprenticeships: the story so far – a CVU Seminar for practitioners

Friday 19 January 2018 Friends House, Euston Road, London

Degree apprenticeships were launched by the Government in 2015 as ‘an innovative new model bringing together the best of higher and vocational education.’ These programmes allow full-time employees to study for a part-time degree for free and enable employers to gain a return on the apprenticeship levy they are now required to pay into. Many universities have already developed degree apprenticeships, and even more are in development across the sector.

This seminar considered degree apprenticeships from the perspective of both the sector, as a whole, in terms of policy and regulation, and employers and education providers, in terms of the development and roll-out of these new programmes.

Presenters Included:

Introduction to Degree Apprenticeships Dr. Frank Haddleton, on behalf of the Council of Validating Universities

Priorities for Ensuring Quality in Degree Apprenticeships – Dr Alison Felce

This presentation looked at quality assurance in degree apprenticeships from a regulatory perspective. It showed how degree and other apprenticeships in higher education are quality assured, the tools produced by the QAA to support this and the wider, developing QA landscape for apprenticeships in higher education.

Degree Apprenticeships an Institutional Perspective Professor Chris Prince (Leeds Beckett University

This session explored the strategic context of university engagement with Degree Apprenticeships, and the operational issues that arise as a consequence. The session ends by examining many the lessons learned in delivering degree apprenticeships, which colleagues will hopefully find useful in their own institutions.

Tech Partnership Dr Tony Venus

Higher and degree apprenticeship developments, collaboration and best practice Brian Duffy (Leeds College of Building)

Consideration of how colleges and universities can work together to deliver success alongside excellence in employer engagement, the role of mentors, key challenges and ingredients for delivery, diversity and sustainability.