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      My colleague, Dr Sara Hannam (the Head of International Partnerships for the Oxford Brookes Business School), and I are looking for an opportunity to connect informally with other UK HEIs, to talk about approaches to quality assurance for international collaborative provision. We get good feedback from external examiners about the quality of our relationships with partners, but we’re looking to evaluate, and improve further, the various models we’re using for managing our international partnerships, and would welcome the chance to share practice with others in the sector.

      In particular, Sara would like to explore the different mechanisms and roles universities use to interact and communicate at the programme level between the home and partner institutions, when a franchise model is being used. We have a range of different types of collaborative arrangements in place, and currently have a number of different models for managing them, including the use of Liaison Managers, Country Managers, Link Tutors and module buddies or super buddies (to name but a few!).

      We’re hoping to get a better sense of existing mechanisms being used around the sector, what has worked well – and less well – and what alternative approaches might be possible in the changing global environment. We’re willing to share our own practices with anyone taking part, and to share the findings of our research more widely so that we and others can use them for institutional improvement.

      It is envisaged this exercise would involve a series of online discussions and interactions. If you are interested in speaking to us, please contact Sara (email: and/or myself ( It would be great if you could get in touch by 31st March.

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