Join the CVU Executive Committee and Board of Trustees

The Council of Validating Universities is a charity which is operated by an Executive Committee where the voting members are also Trustees of the Charity.

The Executive Committee is currently recruiting for vacancies on the Executive Committee. Nominees should be from an institution which is a CVU member and must be willing to attend four meetings per year of the executive committee held in London. Executive Committee members are also expected to contribute towards the planning of seminars and the annual conference.

To submit your application to be a member of the Committee please complete the nomination form below, which should be signed by a member of the institution where you work and seconded by another institution with degree awarding powers. The form should be accompanied by a covering statement which sets out why you wish to be a member of the Committee and detail how your experience and background will contribute towards the work of the committee.

The deadline to submit the nomination form and covering statement is on Friday, 26 February 2021. Forms should be sent to Paolo Legaspi by e-mail (

If more applications are received than vacancies available there will be a ballot where the lead member of CVU member institutions shall vote.